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Feller Media organizes events too, with or without (live) video (streaming) with a focus on informing, but even more on inspiring internal or external target audiences.

We are not just an event agency. Because we work and think from content creation, we produce our events like a TV production. With an accent on content, tight flow and entertainment.


After years of collaboration with TEDxAmsterdam we are able to rely on a broad professional network, and as a result we are acquainted with well known and outstanding speakers from The Netherlands and abroad. We can engage these speakers for a compelling and connecting event that is important for the message and the brand of the client.

We provide project management for the entire event, but of course in collaboration with the internal organization of the client. We specialize ourselves in attracting, supporting and capturing speakers and performers. They give a boost to employees, partners and customers through an inspiring and motivating story.

An Eye on ROI

By using the power of video (online recording of live stream) the reach? and therefore the ROI of an event is increased considerably. Especially in combination with social media it can generate a considerable reach?.

We direct events by providing creative input at the start, support at the organization (project management) and accompaniment of the implementation.


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